Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

We clean filters every day. Our regular service customers get their filters cleaned every 3 months. He have another great service for those of you that do your own weekly service. We provide a filter cleaning service to come out and clean the filters so you don’t have to.

It can be a pain getting them in and out of the tank. Trying to align all the parts to ensure a good seal. Then if you find broken parts inside or out you must run to the store to get them. Hopefully they are in stock so you don’t have to wait, or so you don’t have to take the filter apart again when the parts do show up.

We can come by and preform a filter cleaning service for you. We can also put your filters in our schedule and clean them regularly every 90 days. This will help to ensure your pool and equipment is kept in top shape. Please contact us with your filter cleaning needs.

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